TIFF 2011: TIFF Kicks Off With a #Tease

The Toronto International Film Festival started off with a bang this year, literally. Skyy Vodka, an official sponsor of TIFF presented what they had been calling the ‘Secret Tease’ on the opening night of the festival. Crowds had gathered beside the TIFF Lightbox building in anticipation of the big opening event, which had been kept a secret and was rumoured to impress whoever came out. As the crowd grew larger outside, the music coming from the loud speakers fell quiet and dancers filled  the side street.

The event started with a choreographed dance number by dancers wearing burlesque outfits in Skyy Vodka’s signature blue colours. The crowd clapped and danced along to the routine which was a lead up to the big surprise. A larger-than-life, blue martini glass began it’s rise into the air and at a dizzying 35 feet in the air an acrobat artist began her performance from within the giant cup. The crowd stared into the air in amazement as the acrobat artist dropped from the ‘glass’ holding onto a blue silk ribbon as the large martini glass erupted in a display of fireworks that light up the down town night sky.

This opening was followed with a cocktail reception at a Pop-up lounge, where guests and media sipped on TIFF themed cocktail drinks and discussed the aerial performance they just witness. The event was a great way to open the two week film festival, and we have to thank Skyy Vodka for thinking out the of the box with this cool concept and getting TIFF started off properly. Check out the pictures from the event below and be sure to check back for an amazing TIFF prize pack contest from Toronto Is Fashion!


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