Flare’s Wear Canada: Bloggers Edition

Flare Wear Canada Bloggers Edition

We were excited when we first read the email from Flare’s Ryan Michael Cheung, asking us if we wanted to participate in Flare’s Wear Canada post. We have always believed that we should be supporting  Canadian designers and this was a perfect way to show the designs of some of out favourite designers. The next step was picking what we should wear. Marc wore his Wings + Horns button-up shirt, his NB Man by Nella Bella backpack and a Right Hand Gal ‘NOBLE’ bracelet. Richard wore his Klaxon Howl button shirt, and a vintage Club Monaco jacket. We both wore our favourite Nudie Jeans and Cole Haan shoes.

Click here to see the full Wear Canada: Bloggers Edition post, which includes blogger from across Canada, including some of our fellow Toronto bloggers (Jay Strut, Backseat Stylers, IwantIgot, StyleBlog, The Girls of TO and The Souls of my Shoes).

Photo:  Hoda Perez

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