The SAG 2012 Red Carpet Fashion

The award season hype seems to be more about ‘who’ celebrities are wearing, rather than who wins an award.  We find that we tune into the red carpet pre-show and almost completely forget about the award show about to take place. As fashion enthusiasts, we would love if there was a longer time-slot for the fashion and less of the main award show. Besides, those acceptance speeches are too long anyways.


The Best Dressed:

The trend of the all black dress continues at the SAGs in a very good way. Rooney Mara (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) dazzled at the Golden Globes in an all black Nina Ricci gown that was elegant and eye-catching yet simple and understated. The same can be said of Emma Stone in this Alexander McQueen black gown. The gown is gorgeous and there is just the right amount of frills on the dress. The dress is a standout by itself, but with the addition of the edgy clutch, it easily makes this one of the best looks of the night.

SAG Red Carpet Fashion 2012 (20)


Yes, another black gown, but they are working for this award season. Tina Fey usually looks fine in her choice of dress, but they are always an older style that age her. This vintage Versace dress is perfect for her- the right balance of elegance and sexiness, that shows off her figure and is age-appropriate.

SAG Red Carpet Fashion 2012 (3)

Viola Davis was the belle of the ball at the SAG’s. Not only did she pick up the best actress award, she looked stunning in her white Marchesa Grecian goddess gown. The colour of the dress looks beautiful against her skin tone and she has the right amount of details on the dress and accessories to make this look work. With her hair in a loose up-do and a bare neckline we think her look is pitch perfect and we hope to see more of Davis working the red carpets in the future.

SAG Red Carpet Fashion 2012 (2)


The Worst Dressed:

Here is a great example of how an all-black dress can fail. Angelina Jolie showed up with Brad Pitt in this all-black Jenny Packman dress. This dress is just wrong from so many angles, which is sad because she looked so good at the Golden Globes. The shiny black material makes me think of a horrible clubbing outfit that many of us have seen out and about, and the front halter part doesn’t help deter that thought. The terrible fit of this Grecian inspired dress makes her look like anything but a goddess. We wonder if the lack of jewellery added to making this dress look so bad, or would jewellery just make this dress worse?

SAG Red Carpet Fashion 2012 (23)

‘Bridesmaids’ star Kristen Wiig wore this Balenciaga all-white dress last night, and what an eyesore it was. We’ll start with what everyone is thinking- What is on her neck!? Is it part of the dress or is it a choker that was added to this look? The dress isn’t flattering either, with a tight bottom skirt and a loose top with too much ruching at the waist. This dress isn’t made for the red carpet. Top this off with the peach coloured clutch and this outfit is a complete disaster. We’ll forgive her this time because the woman is just so damn funny!

SAG Red Carpet Fashion 2012 (14)

Zoe Saldana wore this Givenchy Couture dress that had a strange ‘casual at-home’ look on the top rather than a red carpet dress. The tank top with the see-through crystal poncho combined with the metallic skirt make this way too much for just one star. With Zoe’s petite frame and all that fabric, it looks like the dress is eating her alive! Add the fact that the two halves of the dress don’t look like they belong and its clear why it lands a spot on our worst dressed list. We think some celebrities get carried away by the fashion house labels, and don’t understand that some dresses are made for editorials instead of a red carpet.

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What do you think of our picks? Check out all the dress from the SAG red carpet below and let us know your picks for best and worst dressed.

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