Tide Pod’s Launch With Carson Kressley

In a world where ¬†technology and innovation rule, where clothing and fashion trends constantly evolve, there is one facet of daily life that has remained relatively untouched for decades: laundry detergent. Let’s face it, since the introduction of liquid laundry detergent in the 1980’s, little has changed in the way people do their laundry. Tide is on a mission to change that, and they’re doing it in a bold way with the launch of their colourful and new Tide Pods.

To help kick off the Canadian launch of Tide Pod’s, Toronto loving and Emmy winning stylist Carson Kressley hosted a chic event at the Andrew Richard Designs Space. Carson took some time to chat with us about the product, his love of Toronto and his most cherished pass time, his philanthropic charity work. When we asked about what he liked most about Tide Pod’s he raved about the versatility of the three-in-one product.

Taking eight years to develop, the new multi-dimensional laundry detergent had 75 technical resources devoted to the product, 6000 consumers involved in research and over 450 packaging and product sketches. What they came up with is a unit dose detergent that features a unique three chamber design that brightens, fights stains and cleans. Tide Pod’s also have this cool film that dissolves in any water temperature, any type of washer and any size load, big or small. We love that they developed a product that worked in a cold water load, as many people are making the switch from hot water to conserve energy and save on hydro bills.

We had a great time at the event, and the great people at Tide have hooked us up with some swag to give out to a lucky reader. Check out our TIDE POD’S : The POP Contest to find out how to enter!

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