BCBG’s Max Azria : $220 Million Condom War

According to celebrity gossip site TMZ.com, the chairman of BCBG, Max Azria, has become entangled in a nasty lawsuit that claims he is a liar and a cheat. The lawsuit was filed by Jimmy Esebag, who claims Azria is a liar and a cheat regarding their soured business venture. The venture being Playboy condoms. You see, Jimmy Esebag has deep ties with Playboy and decided to bring aboard Max Azria to help market the item. But the suit claims Azria made some hefty promises that he couldn’t keep. The lawsuit claims he said “I have a relationship with everybody. I am Max Azria. People are happy to have lunch with me. Anybody in America. Even the President of America….I can sell anything to everybody.”

Esebag also claims Azria misrepresent BCBG’s financial health, including  hiding the 42 tax liens, a bad credit rating and more than 100 lawsuits against the company. The other claims made by Azria seem a little far-fetched as well, and apparently Walmart didn’t even want in on the venture. You can find out why, and get the rest of the details by checking out TMZ.com.


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