Kim Kardashian Promotes Belle Noel at The Bay

Last week, social media sites were buzzing with news about Kim Kardashian touching down in  Toronto to promote her new jewellery line ‘Belle Noel’ at The Bay. Even her ‘boyfriend of the moment’ Kanye West crossed the border to be by her side. But we aren’t here to talk about Kim Kardashian. We’re here to talk about fashion. A quick scan through twitter that day could tell you that some were not happy about the celebrity being in town to hock her new jewellery line. Toronto’s fashion-industry insiders were quick to point out their concerns that consumers were buying up pieces from the American accessory line while there are great designer pieces by Canadians to be bought.

With our blog we strive to shed light on Canadian designers and the amazing work that is being created locally, but also to bring attention to the people and retailers that back them. Since ‘The Hudson Bay Company’ has some deep roots here in Canada (342 years in business!) and facilitates the selling of Canadian merch, we see it as very fitting to promote their events on our site. So while some were quick to denounce the appearance, we actually applaud it. The Bay has been re-inventing itself over the years, it has gathered attention for itself recently by landing big name celebrities for ‘meet and greets.’ Top fashion designers and some of the most revered fashion insiders have been flocking to The Bay for high profile parties. The department store has been creating more excitement in Toronto than any other retailer to date, and Kim K’s appearance was no exception. But like we said, we’re not here to talk about her.

The jewellery line is made up of a collection of gold pieces, very little colour and, to be honest, there are s0me really cute pieces. There are some dressier pieces in the accessory line with some casually-cute pieces thrown in; the wishbone necklace is a favourite with Marc. With different finishes and textures there is something for everyone’s personal taste. Not to mention with a price range of $35 to $200, there is something to fit into everyone’s budget. Check out some of our favourite pieces from the Belle Noel collection.


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