Strellson Peddles For Charity

Menswear brand ‘Strellson’ is truly for the urban, modern man. Corresponding with the unveiling of their menswear F/W 2012 collection, Strellson challenged local bloggers and media personalities to test their newest collaboration with bike maker ‘Bianchi.’ Whoever could pedal a 2K ride in the shortest time would be declared the winner. The top three contestants won some serious money for their favourite charity donated by Strellson, staying true to the brand’s aura of looking sharp and giving back. Hey, a recent study said 79% of women agreed that donating to charity was a must for a man to consider himself ‘cool’ or ‘modern.’

Also, keeping in tune with the company’s focus on the urban market, the bike challenge was set up in ‘The Bay’s display window on one of the busiest intersections in downtown Toronto. With an endless stream of pedestrians and vehicles and cyclists, the hustle of Toronto served as the perfect background for the challenge. 2K sounded easy enough given the fact it was a beautiful Bianchi bike, it was stationary, and we had fans blowing cool air on us. Turns out, we didn’t do so well.

The ‘Rolling Style – White Edition’ by Strellson and Bianchi is welcomed by fashionable men and hard core cyclists alike. Taking it to the opposite side of the colour spectrum from last year’s well received ‘Black Edition’ the new white model brings the same quality but has an updated and fresh look. Living down-town means we get to see a lot of people riding bikes throughout city, and given its distinctive look, this is a bicycle that will turn heads. A combination of dynamic and clean lines keeps the bicycle looking stylish, while the quality of the Bianchi bike gives you to the performance and durability.

Take a look at the photos from the Strellson pedal challenge media event below.

The Toronto Is Fashion team cycling against each other. Richard won this race.

2nd place winner Global News Anchor Leslie Roberts with First Place winner Spiro Mandylor.

Greg and Jeremy from Sharp Magazine


Photo Credit: Strellson Canada Facebook Page

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