Diner en Blanc – Toronto Edition

Diner en Blanc is an exciting, unique food experience – the world’s first viral event, organized completely through social media. This idea came from Paris where Diner en Blanc originally started. It is a chic and intimate ‘pop up’ picnic where attendees are unaware of the specific location to which they are heading. Those attending the event will meet in groups of 20-40 at a designated spot, where coordinators will lead them to where they will be enjoying their food. Even the media is notified of the location only an hour prior to its start. Another fun aspect of Diner en Blanc is that everyone participating must wear white, adding to the exclusivity of the event.

This year in Toronto, Diner en Blanc will be held on August 9th at 7:30 PM (rain or shine). If you would like to register to be a part of this private event, go to http://toronto.dinerenblanc.info/, registration closes on July, 24th. If you would like to watch what the event looks like, click here to see the YouTube video. This seems as though it will be a fun experience, regardless of whether you’re a foodie, or someone just looking to try something new.





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