A New Olympic Trend: Patriotic Nail Art

Venus Williams Olympic Nails

It looks like there is a new trend at the London 2012 Olympics, and it has nothing to do with sports. The new trend has to do with the new way female athletes are showing their patriotic pride – with their nails.

Athletes from all countries are getting their nails done, and are incorporating their countries’ flags and the olympic rings in the design. The new trend seems to be the perfect way for athletes to show their feminine side and for them to customize their looks, especially since most of the uniforms worn at the games are identical to each other. The nail art trend seen on the hands of many top athletes, can go from something basic like Venus Williams’s star and stripes design, to the complicated Olympic themed design from Hungarian swimmer Suzana Jacobos.

Hungarian Swimmer Suzana Jacobos Olympic Nails

We asked J’adore Fashion Blog’s Septembre Anderson about the trend and she said “”I love great nail art inspiration and I like the Olympic nail art trend even though I myself have yet to tap into it (maybe for the closing ceremonies?). Olympic fever is a worldwide obsession right now, as is nail art (though it has been around for eons). Olympic nail art gives the wearer, whether they be woman or daring man, the easy and accessible opportunity to rep their country or ancestry without dressing up in flags and wearing face paint. Olympic nail art allows people to tap into the the mass Olympic hysteria of sorts and show their colours and still be office appropriate.”

Personally we love the trend and that athletes are taking fashion and beauty into consideration when they are competing. Take a look at some of the Olympic nail art below. Which one is your favourite?


Photos: Oh No They Didn’tNY Daily Newsin.com


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