We Love The New HP Envy Spectre XT : A Review

Computer giant Hewlett-Packard has been quietly re-inventing itself over the past few years. While other tech giants were gaining notoriety for bringing users apps, HP has been developing and unleashing some of the best performing devices on the market today. The company has also been cultivating a large following of users that include superstars like Jerry Seinfeld, Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys and many more. The growing list of famed admirers helped lead to the collaboration between HP and music icon Dr. Dre to incorporate the Beats Audio system into their new lines of  computers. The recently released HP Envy Spectre XT also includes the Beats Audio system and has quickly become one of our favorite features as we’ve been testing out the ultra over the past few weeks.

We were first introduced to the latest laptop in the HP collection when we attended an event at an exclusive wine cellar in Toronto, a venue which has gained a lot hype recently for being shrouded in mystery. The wine tasting event was the perfect setting for a brand that has been become synonymous with fashion and high-style, with sleek advertising campaigns coinciding with its latest product launches. Hewlett Packard has also been keeping pace with consumer demand for on-the-go devices, with the ultra light-weight of the Spectre XT, this is the most portable laptop we have ever owned. A durable and portable laptop is of high priority to bloggers like us, where we can find ourselves writing and editing photos from places that range from a Starbucks to the tents of Fashion Week, and a battery life lasting up to 8 hours ensures we’re good to go, wherever we go.

Since the release of its predecessors, the HP Envy Spectre XT’s exterior design has changed with the new model, a brushed metal finish making up the frame of the laptop. The software and interior components have gifted the laptop with lightning-fast performance even under a heavy work load, which is perfect for us because we usually have an array of tabs and programs that are needed to operational at the same time. The Beats Audio system comes with four internal speakers and simply put: it is the best sound system we have heard on an ultrabook!

The new HP Spectre XT comes with some other state of the art features like an HP TrueVision HD Webcam (which is also Skype HD capable), an integrated digital microphone, a back lit keyboard, HP cool smart technology and multiple media and USB ports. We’ve owned the Spectre XT for a few weeks now and we can certainly say through performance testing, and compliments from a few envious friends, the Envy Spectre XT is highly recommended for anyone thinking about purchasing a new laptop.

To learn more about the HP Envy Spectre XT and other HP devices click here. Want to see just how portable the device really is? Stay tuned for our upcoming fashion adventure as guests of the Tourism Board of Mexico where we’ll be doing all of our blogging on location in Cancun, traveling with the Hewlett Packard Envy Spectre XT!

  1. I have a new HP Spectre XT which is an integrated digital microphone, a back lit keyboard, HP cool smart technology and multiple media and USB ports. I think that all of us should receive the creative technology as soon as possible.

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