Top 5 Places To Shop: Cancun, Mexico!

Whether hitting up one of Cancun’s gorgeous luxury malls or getting a bargain price at one of the many local markets, there is something unique for everyone. As we toured the malls we fell in love with the beautiful architecture and stunning layout. Isla Mall for example, used a mix of indoor/outdoor shopping space, allowing for shoppers to enjoy the air conditioned stores as well as visit kiosks while basking in the beautiful outdoor scenery. With a collection of independent and internationally popular fashion retailers, we found amazing pieces that we would not have been able to find here in Canada!

If you want a bit more of a cultural experience while on vacation, then you can’t skip shopping at one of the vast market places that dot the landscape in Cancun. At one of the local markets, the thrill of the hunt entices you to browse through endless shops selling different goods; from fashion, to household items, to unique decorations. As we walked around, vendors would call out greetings, prices and proudly hold up various handmade crafts to interest you to stop and browse their shop. Many of the market shops are filled with items for sale, from floor to ceiling, and tables piled high with merchandise. If you haven’t been to a market in Cancun, or elsewhere in the world, the shopping scene may seem hectic and, at times, overwhelming. Use your street smarts, as you would with any other vacation, and shop in tourist oriented areas to feel more at ease if this is your first visit.

Below we have compiled our top 5 favorite places to shop in Cancun, you can use this as your shopping guide to Cancun, Mexico! Keep in mind, Cancun has much more to offer in terms of shopping and you will find much more to choose from, but these 5 were our favorites! Move you mouse over the image for more information on the shops.





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