CBC Presents: Counterfeit Culture

CBC Doc Zone Counterfeit Culture Toronto Is Fashion

CBC’s Doc Zone premiered their latest documentary ‘Counterfeit Culture’ on January 10th. The film explores the idea that counterfeit goods are an issue that impact all consumers – everything from batteries to baby food, personal care products to car parts, computer chips to apparel. If it is being manufactured, it is being copied. The one-hour documentary takes an in-depth look at the dangers associated with counterfeiting.

The film has already gathered a lot of buzz and really makes the viewer think about the world manufacturing and intellectual copyright. If you missed the premier you can watch the film by clicking here. The link will bring you to the Counterfeit Culture website where you can play a game to see how good you are at spotting the ‘fake.

Counterfeit Uggs CBC Counterfeit Culture
Can you spot the fake Ugg Boots? Test your eye for detail and play the game on CBC’s DocZone website.


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