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Are you over the nail art trend? Need the next big thing? Well it may be eyelash jewelry! | Fashionista |

Retailer H&M will show their new collection on the runway at Paris fashion week. | Marie Claire UK |

A special deep sea searching ship will be sent to Venezuela to help with the search for Missioni CEO Vittorio Missoni. | Toronto Star |

WWD Fashion Editor writes about Michelle Obama and calls her an ‘Indulged Starlet’ | Yahoo News |

Vogue Thailand will launch in 2013 and it will be the only Vogue edition with a male editor. | Fashion Gone Rouge |

Rihanna will unveil her new clothing line at London Fashion Week | |

The British Fashion Council had named their 2013 Fashion Froward Award recipients. | Vogue UK |

PETA sends Bebe a cease and desist letter for continuing to sell fur after the company said it was “Fur-Free” | Fashionista |


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