IDS 13 | The Interior Design Show 2013

Interior Design Show 2013

Each year we look forward to attending the Interior Design Show opening night party, a major night for the big names of interior design in Canada, and a night that mixes exhibits, music and the occasional glass of champagne. From HGTV stars to established retailers, everyone puts on their best outfits to toast the new decor trends and the latest design innovations. Fashion has always played a vital role in interior design, with both industries presenting new trends, fabrics, and colour stories year after year, thinking about what goes in your home is essentially the same as what goes in your closet. Here’s a look at some of the trends we saw at IDS 13.


Vintage inspired pieces with modern upholstery finishes received a lot of attention during the opening party. From something you would expect to see on the set of ‘Mad Men’, these new pieces are have the look of something classic but are more functional and comfortable than pieces from decades past.

Interior Design Show 2013 IDS Trends Toronto Is Fashion (8)

Kitchen 2.0

The ‘heart of the home’ steps into the 21st century with sleek redesigns and new techno-gadgets that make preparing a meal as easy as updating your Facebook status. Electronics giant Panasonic brings the new induction cook top which features an infrared sensor that allows precise temperature control to prevent overheating and delivers perfect cooking result. The cook top features a sleek black surface with electrostatic glass touch technology so exact cooking temperatures can be controlled with the touch of a finger. No protruding knobs or buttons make clean-up fast and easy.

IDS 13 Interior Design Show Panasonic Induction Cooktop Toronto Is Fashion

 Never Leave The Bathroom Again

Being one of the most used rooms in your home, the bathroom gets the spa treatment this year. Deep soaker tubs, rain-fall shower heads, heated floors and luxurious finishes will make you feel like you’re staying in a 5 star hotel.

Get Outside

In Canada we only get a few, precious months of full sunshine and exhibitors like Andrew Richards Designs is bringing living room luxury to the outdoors to ensure you don’t miss a single minute of it. Forget about the white lawn chairs of the 90’s, the new outdoor furniture is all about comfort with lush throw pillows a top of weather-durable three-seater couches. Light weight materials make for easy set up changes between daytime lounging to full fledged bbq dinners.

IDS 13 Interior Design Show Andrew Richards Designs Toronto Is Fashion

Let There Be Light

The perfect lighting, and lighting fixtures, can set the mood and tone of your whole living space. This year’s IDS saw chandeliers everywhere! Not just for the dining room anymore, chandeliers in every shape and size were showcased in many exhibits to enhance the look and feel from bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and closets.

Another huge trend we noticed at this year’s IDS was the classic fireplace. Not only has a light source, but an efficient heat source, the fireplace got a full remodel this season.

Interior Design Show 2013 IDS Trends Toronto Is Fashion (21)

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches is the key to achieving the kind of look and feel you want to bring to your home. We noticed a big emphasis on tiles this year, in all shapes, patterns and sizes. From classic backsplashes for the kitchen, to huge walls of Victorian inspired patterns, there is no limit to what you can create. Bold pops of colours like yellow, green, blue and red were seen all over the exhibition.

Interior Design Show 2013 IDS Trends Toronto Is Fashion (13)

See the rest of the opening night photos below. The Interior Design Show runs until January 27th. You can still purchase tickets on the IDS website or by clicking here.

Images: Binns, Andrew Richard Designs, Panasonic and Marc Piercey of

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