Vogue Gets Scientific About Kate Middelton

Kate Middleton, the royal fashion icon and blushing mother-to-be, has been put under a public microscope since she first charmed the handsome Prince William. There is an endless amount of blogs and Twitter feeds devoted to her style, and she has graced the pages of countless fashion magazines. The recent edition of Vogue U.K. may have taken their obsession with the British royal to new, somewhat creepier, heights. In an article entitled ‘Katepedia’ the magazine takes a scientific approach to her style, and lays out the…ummm…”vital statistics” of what makes up her style.

Some of the stats include the fact that Kate holds her clutch with both hands 48% of the time, wears the colour blue 24% of the time, tilts her hats and fascinators at a perfect 50 degree angle, and wears earrings with an average drop of 33 mm. We expect a certain amount of fascination with someone who is a public figure and has great style, but we don’t think the magazine had to go to such ‘forensic’ details in the article. It must have been a slow month in the newsroom.

We still love Vogue U.K. and will continue to read it, but this article makes the magazine look like the pervy neighbour using binoculars through the bushes. If this wasn’t Kate Middleton, or Vogue Magazine, this kind of story would likely end up with a restraining order.

*Even here at Toronto Is Fashion, we get caught up in the Kate Middleton frenzy. Check out some of the adorable baby choices the young royal may make we she gives birth this year.*

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