The Reviews Are In: Rihanna For River Island

Rihanna River Island Collection 2013

Singer Rihanna took the reins for U.K. based brand River Island for its London Fashion Week runway show. Whenever a celebrity-turned-designer has a debut showing, there is always strong interest from a wider audience which means a lot of criticism if your designs turn out to be duds. Lindsay Lohan’s designer collabo with Ungaro, for example, left the fashion house embarrassed and found themselves victim of being scolded by fashionistas who think the brand should have known better. Critics are making their voices heard for Rihanna’s LFW effort, and so far, the words have not been kind.

Website ‘The Daily Beast’ used the headline ‘The Horror! The Horror! Rihanna’s Porny Debut At #LFW’ for its review of the collection and People Magazine used ‘Rihanna’s River Island Collection: No ‘Diamonds,’ Just Rough’ on their online review.

The runway show was reportedly an hour late to start, and finished after 9 minutes. Take a look at the collection and tell us what you think.

Rihanna River Island London Fashion WeekRihanna River Island London Fashion Week Collection


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