Canada to get it’s First Dior Store in Vancouver

Dior Vancouver Carlyle Complex Opening

It is time to put an end to all rumors. Adding another feather on Canada’s trendy hat, the great French fashion house Christian Dior is all set to open their first store in Downtown Vancouver. Retail Insider is reporting that Christian Dior’s first boutique will be located at the south eastern corner of Alberni and will be housed in the Carlyle retail complex. The female population in Canada will be happy to have the first store in Canada. Diamond lovers will be able to shop at the De Beers store and at Tory Burch which will open soon in the newly renovated newly renovated Carlyle retail complex.

The Dior Fashion House which started in 1946 has only a few women’s store in North America. The daring designer house Dior was fully functional in the Creed Department store (Toronto) once. But luck did not favor them. They had to shut it down when Creed filed for bankruptcy in the early nineties. Canada now has three Christian Dior shop-in-stores accessory boutiques in the Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver Holt Renfrew.

The French fashion house Chanel was also on the lookout for some space on Alberni Street, but they have dropped the plan to open their store in the Carlyle.

Dollar Tree, the chain of American discount stores where you can find everything for $1 and less, has a store in the Carlyle complex and will not move out. The Fortune 500 Company has its headquarters in Virginia. While enjoying some luxury shopping at De Beers and Dior, you can save some dollars by shopping at Dollar Tree.

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Carlyle Complex Vancouver Dior DeBeers

Rendering of the Carlyle Complex - Source:Concord Pacific



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