MasterCard Presents : StyliCITY 2013

Master Card Fashion Stylicity Campaign

Last week, on a windy morning in Toronto, we boarded a private streetcar in front of menswear store Gotstyle. Commandeered by Fashion Week sponsor MasterCard, the streetcar was our main mode of transportation for a day of local shopping throughout the city to mark the start of the Stylicity program.

As the official retail program for World MasterCard Fashion Week, Stylicity consists of a network of local retailers, spas and restaurants in Toronto presenting unique offers and experiences. Through the program, consumers can explore local and national merchants and receive exclusive offers when they pay with their MasterCard. The Stylicity program and special offers run from March 14 to March 30.

“Stylicity, an award winning program, is about discovery. It is leaving your local neighbourhood and walking into another. It is taking a chance with a new restaurant that you heard about. It is finding the perfect store for the latest must-haves. Canadians have a great eye for style and all the etail and retail partners of Stylicity are the proof,” said Richard McLaughlin , Senior Vice President, Global Products and Solutions, MasterCard Canada. “The purpose of Stylicity is to introduce people to the hidden gems.  Whether the local retailers are established or new and noteworthy, we are giving cardholders great incentives to shop in their own backyard.”

Since launching in the fall of 2011, Stylicity has grown 100% to include partnerships with more than 150 local Toronto retailers, restaurants and online national brands. The Stylicity program provides an opportunity for partner retailers to showcase their brands and products to local and Canadian consumers with the support of MasterCard’s national marketing channels.

To check out the full list of offers and participating stores, click here.


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