Montreal voted as the most stylish city in Canada, beating Toronto

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This week, all eyes will be on Toronto for one of North America’s premiere fashion events – World MasterCard Fashion Week.  However, when it comes to our style, 60% of Canadians say that we are only moderately stylish.  According to a recent survey by MasterCard Canada, only 6% of those surveyed scored Canadians as very stylish, and one third (30%) say Canadians are not stylish at all.

The survey also found that:

  • Though Canadians see themselves as only moderately stylish, most of us still think we’re more stylish than our American neighbours
    • 36% scored Canadians as more stylish
    • 26% scored Americans as more stylish
    • 38% unsure if Canada is more stylish than the US
  • Canadians think that style varies by city
    • 40% find Montreal to be the most stylish city
    • 22% find Toronto to be most stylish city
    • 14% find Vancouver to be most stylish city
    • 2% find Ottawa to be most stylish city
    • 13% unsure of which Canadian city most stylish
  • Canadians believe that there are multiple factors that affect our style
    • 44% think culture contributes to style
    • 13% think attitude contributes to style
    • 12% think creativity is important to style

The survey found that iconic Canadian brands like The Hudson’s Bay and Roots were picked as the brands that best define Canadian style with Le Chateau, Lululemon and Canada Goose to follow. Ryan Gosling, Justin Trudeau and Ryan Reynolds were ranked top 3 most stylish Canadian men and Shania Twain, Rachel McAdams and Kim Cattrall as the top 3 most stylish Canadian women.

  • 8% ranked Justin Beiber as most stylish Canadian male
  • 4% ranked Carly Rae Jepsen as most stylish Canadian female
  • 44% unsure of most stylish Canadian female
  • 35% unsure of most stylish Canadian male

Think you’re lacking in the style department? Check out these local Toronto retailers taking part in MasterCard’s Stylicity program.

  1. They had to take a poll to determine Montreal is the most stylish city in Canada? That is like taking a poll to determine whether or not the sun rises in the east and sets in the west!

    Don't get me- I love Toronto. The restaurants are under rated and the neighborhoods are each a distinct pleasure and offer up great slice of the city and the theater scenbe is second to none. Not visiting Toronto is like not visiting New York,

    That said, the Canadian city with the most style, character, joie de vivre and personality is Montreal, hands down. That city is Canada's San Francisco- romantic, unique, intoxicating and unforgettable.

    Each of the two cities, Toronto and Montreal are each others best promoters. Each city offers what the other doesn't- and thus make you want to partake of both.

    As an American fortunate enough to visit both these great cities I can only note how lucky you are not to travel across the country to enjoy what is an train ride away.

    Lastly, a personal opinion: Bagels, smoked meat and poutine go to Montreal. One visit and you're an addict Nothing to discuss there

    Italian, Greek, Indian and world class every other cuisines go to Toronto- no contest.

    World class French food, pastry/coffee shops- toss up.

  2. Its absolutely right, Montréal is the most stylist city in Canada . People are Very well dress and original. Men and woman love fashion in this city and wear it in a fantastic way. They are not affraid to mix and match different style. I love it. Even in a café or a terrasse people in Montréal have style. Sorry Toronto!

  3. lol, to the first comment. A few of us in T.O. are trying to switch our style position to #1

    "They had to take a poll to determine Montreal is the most stylish city in Canada? That is like taking a poll to determine whether or not the sun rises in the east and sets in the west! "

  4. Montrealers have european style and They are not afraid to show it. Im living in Montréal since a year Now and from the trendy Mile End district to the european Plateau fashion trends start here in Canada.

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