‘What Not To Wear’ Will Come To An End After This Season

What Not To Wear Ends After 10 Years

The TLC makeover show ‘What Not To Wear’ is coming to end after a decade on the air. Clinton Kelly told ‘People’ that he is proud of the work their team has been doing for all these years. He believes that they were able to change a number of lives.

The final episodes of the network’s longest-running primetime series will begin in July, and the final episode will come with a lot of surprises for the viewers of the show. Clinton Kelly and fashion expert Stacey London are happy that they have gotten through to the Americans.

Clinton also says, that people still believe that in order to look fabulous one has to be rich. One has to dress with sophistication. Creating a flattering body shape is the first step to look gorgeous. It is a very big mistake to hide the problem areas. Oversized and shapeless clothes are not the solution. One should work on them and make it disappear.

The show was successful in raising the confidence level of the women who have received makeovers and those watching from home taking notes. We are the sure that fans will miss the show ‘What Not to Wear’ when it goes off the air.

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