Online Canadian Shopping Mall ‘Runway Crush’ Coming Soon

New online fashion store Runway Crush, will be bringing you that chance to have a shopping experience when they launch this June 2013. The online mall will be offering the latest fashions from ready-to-wear apparel, to couture gowns, and all from Canadian designers! Runway Crush will be giving local Canadian designers a unique opportunity to showcase their designs in a personalized boutique section within the virtual shopping mall.

“Canadian designers have so much to offer – unique, intricate and exceptional designs,” says Julia Leitch-Church, founder of Runway Crush. “I started Runway Crush to create a fashion retail hub that benefits all designers – fresh out the gate or those who have been in the field for a while – who need an additional avenue to grow on a larger scale, while enabling further access for consumers to attain them.”

You will have to wait till June to start shopping on Runway Crush, but Canadian fashion, jewelry and accessory designers can reserve a spot by visiting the pre-launch page at  We will bring you more information on Runway Crush as the launch date gets closer.

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