Spooky Chic : Holly Dyment Rings

We were taking a look at jewelry designers recently and we came across Canadian fine jewelry designer Holly Dyment, who has a collection of rings that are adorable. She’s conjured up a design concoction that’s part tongue-in-cheek graveside humour and part  playful by using bright colours and interesting designs. We are especially drawn to the Frida Kahlo inspired skull ring.

Talking price range, these rings are on the higher end of the spectrum. The collection ranges from $4000 – $11,200, but you get what you pay for.

The Canadian designer uses 18k gold for the rings, and then works with various diamonds to complete each piece. The rings are handcrafted and by the looks of the product shots below, must have  taken a dedicated time process if you look closely at the details.

“I’ve always had a more-is-more approach to colour and design,” Dyment says. “This season I’ve taken that to the next level by adding luxe hues of handpainted enamel to my signature mix of brightly coloured, precious and semi-precious gemstones. Then for good measure, I layered in elements of movement, 3-D effects and tactile surfaces.”

Check out the collection below.


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