The Price to send an editor to Paris Fashion Week


When it comes to the case of hotels, each editor has a favorite place to stay. The most popular places are the Park Hyatt, Le Meurice, Hotel de Crillon and the Four Seasons. The cost of one room for eight nights would amount to $9,000. The cost of transportation would be $3600 if three editors share one car. It means $1200 for the transportation of one editor.

Some of the editor’s favourite restaurants are quite pricey. Places like Caviar Kaspia and L’Ami Louis may cost around $200 for one person. The cost of food and drink would be around $2500 for one week.

Thanks to international data plans, the phone bills for calling and checking email are not as expensive as they used to be. If an editor has to make a number of phone calls to U.S, the costs could amount to over $600.

As the event is Paris Fashion week, everyone wants to look outstanding, and fashion editors will be photographed all the time, so they have to look their best at all every show. The cost for visits to the salon and beauty treatments would be around $400 per person.
Most of them pack their bags for Paris Fashion Week as if they are going on a world tour. One or two extra bags can cost around $150 per person.

With the average cost of an editor being almost $20,000, and most magazines sending around 6-10 editors to the shows, the cost of a trip to Paris could come out to over $100,000! That’s an impressive amount for a one week trip, especially considering that there are more than 4 big fashion weeks and at least two seasons of shows. Works out to quite the company trip.



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