Air Canada Rouge launches new uniforms

Air Canada’s new leisure line Air Canada Rogue has unveiled their new uniforms and overall looks on May 27th as part of their own approach to customer service excellence. Six flight attendants in-training showed the airlines clothing, accessories and grooming, which are aimed to present a comfortable but friendly and stylish image to travelers.

According to Renee Smith-Valade, Vice President, Customer Experience, “Our goal was to create a unique, welcoming and fashion forward look with lasting appeal that would also be practical and comfortable.”

The process of developing both the uniforms and the overall look were done in the span of four months involving many partners like L’Oreal and Redken for beauty and grooming and Montreal’s VF Imagewear for the uniform concept. The product of these collaborations shows the uniforms taking Air Canada’s “rogue’s signature colours of burgundy and slate with bright accent colors.” Flight attendants will also be wearing specially designed John Fluevog shoes and will also be wearing the nail polish color “Born with it” from L’Oreal.

Aside from receiving the said onboard apparel, Air Canada rogue’s flight attendants will be receiving training at the Disney Institute Florida as well as at Air Canada’s training centers in Montreal and Toronto in mid-June. The first location will be for customized service training and the latter for industry-leading safety and regulatory training.

According to Michael Friisdahl, Air Canada Rogue President and CEO, ““We’re investing in the Disney Institute’s service excellence training to ensure our customers’ vacations truly start when they board our aircraft. By offering exceptional customer service, uncompromising safety, a relaxed inflight environment and a host of Air Canada and Air Canada Vacations benefits, we’re confident Air Canada rouge will soon be the leading choice for leisure travel.”

Air Canada Rogue is part of Air Canada’s new Leisure Airline group along with Air Canada Vacation. Starting July 1, 2013 the airline will offer leisure destinations in Europe as well as the Caribbean and flight attendant hopefuls will be happy to know that Air Canada rogue is accepting resumes for the next round of hiring later this summer. For more details on recruitment procedures information click here.

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  1. Those uniforms are HORRIBLE. 🙁 I think someone presented similar looks to my alma mater back in the 90s and we thought they were nasty (our colours are burgundy and grey).

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