SodaStream and Kraft Canada Launch Party

Soda Stream and Kraft Canada Launch Party (28)

Two months after SodaStream Canada announced its partnership with Kraft Canada, the two companies launched the addition of selected Kraft syrups to SodaStreams’s flavor of choices.

The event was held at 2nd Floor Events which featured a photo booth as well as a candy bar. The theme also accentuated SodaStreams dedication to being eco-friendly through waste reduction since according to its website, their products “offer convenience by eliminating the need to carry bottles home from the supermarket, to store bottles at home or to regularly dispose of empty bottles.”

Soda Stream and Kraft Canada Launch Party (2)

The main highlights of the event were the new blends added to the SodaStream family which includes brand flavors from Kraft’s Crystal Light™, Country Time™, and Kool-Aid™.

In the partnership’s announcement, SodaStream Canada’s president Marta Mikita-Wilson said, “”The addition of Crystal Light, Country Time and Kool-Aid brands to the Canadian SodaStream family provides our customers with a broader menu for creating delectable soft drinks and carbonated beverages at home.” The Crystal Light flavors are lemonade, raspberry lemonade and fruit punch while the Country Time list consists of Goodness Country Time Lemonade as well as Country Time Lemonade. Last but not least, the available Kool-Aid mixes are cherry, grape and tropical punch.

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For the launch, the listed SodaStream falvours above were spirits infused with vodka or gin. Also added to the menu were specialty SodaStream sangrias infused with Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc and mixed with Absolut Enyx, Beefeater Gin and Stoneleigh Wine.

In line with SodaStream’s tagline “set the bubbles free”, the beverage carbonation systems are known to instantly turn tap water into sodas and sparkling water. With the new addition of the Kraft flavors, consumers will be able to get more variety as these are already sold in Canadian stores such as Home Outfitters and London Drugs Limited.

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Soda Stream and Kraft Canada Launch Party (17)

Soda Stream and Kraft Canada Launch Party (24)


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