CBS goes undercover in Bangladesh Factory

CBS News correspondent Holly Williams was able to get into Monde Apparels factory in Dhaka that further confirms some of the unsafe and unethical conditions in the country’s fashion manufacturing industry.

Williams was able to see the productions for Wrangler, Asics and Walmart and noted that fire regulations were not met. Adding to this revelation is a woman admitting that her 12 year old daughter also works for the factory although labour laws forbid people under 18 to work. Promised wages were also not given to the workers as told by the interviewee.

American apparels are still heavily merchandised in the country with continuing problems regarding outsourcing. Without permission or knowledge of the brands, factories opt to subcontract very unsafe factories to do the work while also hiding the low level of standards in manufacturing and treatment of employees.

Asics, Wrangler and Walmart have shown vigilance to speculations of unauthorized production as well as child labor and have each taken steps to address the findings of CBS. This comes on the heels of the Bangladesh factory collapse last month, where a fire broke out in the garment factory and caused the 11-storey building to collapse. The building, which was structurally unsafe and built on swamp land, produced merchandise for some big apparel labels like The Children’s Place, JCPenny, Mango, Benetton, and Canadian brand Joe Fresh.

Watch the video below from CBS, and for more information visit CBS News.

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