Fashion Crimes & World Vision Partner For Eye Opening Stunt

After advertising a secret sale in Toronto and Vancouver, World Vision staff ripped off the brown paper of two storefronts to reveal a shocking display of child actors portraying child labourers sewing and breaking bricks. The event coincided with the U.N.’s World Day Against Child Labour and launches the NGO’s summer campaign No Child For Sale.

“We will make some Canadians uncomfortable with what is an uncomfortable issue for many,” says Dave Toycen, World Vision Canada President and CEO.

The event received a lot of positive feedback from Twitter:

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No Child For Sale is an awareness initiative which aims to educate Canadians that child labour is the reality behind much of the products we buy, and the food that we consume.

Facts on Child Slavery:

  • 115 million children worldwide are forced into “3D” – dirty, dangerous and degrading – jobs
  • These jobs are in the agricultural, fishing, mining, domestic service, manufacturing sectors
  • There are 1 million children globally in the mining industry alone
  • Canada is also not immune to the problem. We know both children and adults are trafficked to, from and within Canada, into exploitive situations.

Causes of Child Slavery: 

• Child slavery is a consequence of poverty, discrimination and powerlessness where the strong take advantage of the weak and vulnerable.

• A child’s lack of access to basic necessities (food, shelter, water, education), unscrupulous employers, demand for cheap goods, and poor child protection and labour laws result in millions of children experiencing abuse, permanent ill health and, in some cases, death.

• Unfortunately, parents may make decisions that put their child at risk of exploitation or serious harm.  Sometimes they turn their child over to a person they know and trust to help the child find safe work – when that person is actually a trafficker.  It is very common for parents to be deceived by traffickers about the nature of the work and where their child is going.

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