Fashion Night in Canada for CBC Hockey

Hockey Fashion Night in Canada (7)

Sports and fashion made a fascinating mix for the third round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs as the new look of Hockey Night in Canada’s crew was unveiled this past week.

The special feature aptly named Fashion Night in Canada was a treat to viewers as a part of the Scotiabank Hockey Tonight show. The show aired before the 4th round between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Boston Bruins and showcased the new outfits that were personally inspired by the wearers own fashion preferences coupled with the various individual signature techniques of each designer.

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Top designers from Canada were paired with each of the in-studio broadcast team with the roster being Ron MacLean styled by Christopher Bates, P.J. Stock by Philip Sparks, Elliote Friedman by Haithem Elkadiki for the brand KaaDiki, Glenn Healy by Farley Chatto, Kevin Weekes by Marlon Durrant and Andi Petrillo styled by Caitlin Power. All designers are Toronto-based except for Elkadiki whose brand KaaDiki is based in Calgary.

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 Those who missed the show will be delighted to know that pictures, behind the scene videos and other bonus treats are available and can be seen at

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