Power Ball 2013: 15 Minutes of Fame

Canada’s famous contemporary visual art gallery, The Power Plant successfully hosted its annual fundraiser Power Ball last week at Toronto’s Harbourfront.

More than 1,500 guests were able to enjoy their own “15 minutes of fame” as the annual art gathering centered their theme on the infamous phrase. Guests were able to indulge themselves with an L.A. themed menu courtesy of Chef Marc Thuet which included corn dogs and pork ribs cooked in BBQ lodges. The VIP guests were also able to enjoy the venue overlooking the lake as well as a private viewing of Toronto artist Scott Lyall’s The Power/Color Ball exhibition.

Adding to the great night was the music spinning by New York’s Physical Therapy and Toronto’s Deko-ze, while guests sipped on cocktails provided by event sponsors Ketel One, Grand Marnier, Johnnie Walker, Tanqueray, Don Julio and Perrier. Beer enthusiasts on the other hand were able to drink on the events exclusive beer sponsor Kronenbourg 1664. The night was also the official launching of the Chateau des Charmes Bosc Family’s newest winery Earth & Sky.

More importantly, art installations and exhibits presented by contributing artists were given big nods from the art, fashion and entertainment communities that were in attendance. Taran Allen and Alex Gvojic’s Thunder Horse Video showcased motorcycles and sexy ladies in the main gallery much to the delight of the art enthusiasts while Ryan Trecartin also showed one of his new projects which centered on displaying quirky Tumblr posts.

Zeesy Powers, known for her manipulation of technology in relation to people, decided to have guests come on stage and tell them bluntly what her very first impressions were and the resulting reactions in the guest’s faces were projected onto a screen for the audiences to witness.

Other artists who were also a part of the exhibitions were Alexis O’Hara known for mixing “elements of cabaret, pop music, spoken-word, stand-up comedy, sound performance and installation” as well as Sybil Prentice and Kaitlin Till-Landry (better known as KTL and Sybil) who “make performance art that plays on digital archetypes and mainstream representations of female youth”.

With referencing the famous Andy Warhol quote: “In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes,” The Power Plant was able to show people how fame is achieved in our present day contemporary world with the help of online artistic ventures. The fundraiser’s success will surely be able to help finance the next exciting exhibitions and public programs The Power Plant has to offer and next year’s Power Ball theme will again undoubtedly be much anticipated.









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