Magnum Ice Cream Shop Celebrates Fashion

Premium ice cream company Magnum has set up shop in Toronto, welcoming celebs and designers to make their own ice cream creations.

While we write this post, its one of the hottest days on record in Toronto. All we can think about is how perfect a visit to the Magnum Pleasure Store would be on a day like today. Last week, we were invited to create our own sinfully delicious Belgian ice cream at the brand’s first North American location, while Canadian designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong displayed some of their Fall/Winter collection from Greta Constantine. The duo designers behind the adored Canadian brand were also celebrating a new ice cream creation of their own.

Magnum Ice Cream Store Toronto

The Magnum Pleasure Store has also recently displayed a stunning Zac Posen gown valued at $1.5 million! The one-of-a-kind dress is made out of 24Kt gold and features more than 10-thousand hand-embroidered gold sequins and took two weeks to handcraft using a special embroidery technique.

Magnum Ice Cream Store Hours Toronto

True Blood actor Joe Manganiello, who is also the Magnum Gold spokesperson, stopped by the Toronto location to create his own premium ice cream creation. The actor is so hot, we’re sure the ice cream melted before it even touched his lips!

True Blood Toronto

Finally, here is our creation. The Toronto Is Fashion Magnum bar. Chocolate ice cream bar, covered in premium white chocolate, topped with toffee bits, chocolate shavings and a touch of sea salt. Then we drizzled it in dark chocolate to finish it off!

What kind of ice cream bar will you create? Come by and visit the Magnum Pleasure Shop. Here are the deets:

Celebrated for its real Belgian chocolate and super premium ice cream, Magnum® is inviting store visitors throughout the month of July to create their own custom Magnum® ice cream bar. There are 21 unique and delicious ingredients available at the Magnum® Pleasure Store, such as maple fudge, shaved coconut, and culinary rose petals.

The store is open 7 days a week until July 28.
Store Hours:
Monday-Saturday: 12:00pm10:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am6:00pm
Visit, or to learn more.



  1. So expensive! Very luxurious but I prefer my plain choco covered vanilla ice cream. My friends love it though!

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