Simons Opens 9th Store at Galeries d’Anjou

Galeries d’Anjou welcomes Le Maison Simons as it opens its 9th store last September 4th in its east-end of Montreal.

The renowned fashion house also introduces its food products partner in the form of Soupesoup restaurant headed by Caroline Dumas.

“We had been searching for a long time for the ideal partner to add food products to our stores. We chose Caroline Dumas, head and founder of Soupesoup restaurants, for her spontaneous, tasty and healthy cuisine. The Galeries d’Anjou store was the perfect opportunity to finalize the agreement. We will now evaluate how the Soupesoup restaurant-café concept could be used in other stores,” says Mr. Peter Simons, the company’s president and general manager.

The Soupesoup restaurant will be located at the second floor of Le Maison Simons together with the wide array of fashion labels it houses. For those who’d like to check out Simon’s new store, head out to Galeries d’Anjou strategically located at the intersection of Highway 40 and Highway 25.

This ninth store leaves us wondering; when will a Toronto area store open?

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