Skin Care Line Soya Boutique

Soy becomes the next big thing in skin care solutions as Melani Chong, (Canadian Ford Model, certified skincare technician and cosmetic scientist) launches her own product line called Soya Boutique.

As the moniker suggests, the main ingredients of the products is soy which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties making it a natural anti-aging solution. The Soya Skin Care products also boasts of their “bio-identical” ingredients which make these solutions compatible with those in the body and help produce the desired effects wanted.

Some of the products that are highlighted include Soy Silk Healing Balms which are proudly “baby safe, eco-friendly and all natural” coupled with different varieties of hand cleansers and oils.

The Soy Tear-free Foaming Cleanser is a vegan and eco-safe product, ideal for hands and face and is safe for children. Made from Mandarin and Green Tea, the cleanser is a gentle foaming formula. The gentle cleanser is effective for removing make-up and doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry or greasy.

For those who would like a personalized skin care treatment kit, the Concierge Skin Care is available for consults as well as recommending products.

Be sure to head out to for more information on these affordable and multi-functional skin care solutions.


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