Designer Helps Advance Fabric Care

Giles Deacon British London Designer
London based designer Giles Deacon

Global brands like Tide, Downy, Gain, and Bounce could usher in new fabric care products that treat, usually hand-wash-only, high-fashion designer clothing. Under its Fabric Care division, Procter & Gamble (which own the brands listed above) has enlisted British designer Giles Deacon to help these products come to light.

Partnering with France’s fabric trade show Première Vision and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, Procter & Gamble will gain direct insight into the industry and its needs. Deacon serves as P&G Fabric Care’s first global fashion consultant and will guide the brands fashion approach.

“I’m interested in designs that work on the catwalk but also beyond the catwalk,” Deacon said. “They must be able to last and maintain their best.”

In a recent survey, the CFDA and Tide asked designers if they would be more inclined to use machine-washable fabrics if they knew for certain their customers had access to washing detergents that would preserve the garments. Almost 85 % of the designers said yes.

Along with benefiting luxury garments, the new advances in technology and science will also introduce new products that will have even the most affordable fashion pieces lasting longer.  

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