Nude Shoes For All Skin Tones

Louboutin's colour-match nude shoes for non-white women.One of the most renowned shoe designers of all times, Christian Louboutin, has become known for his creative and cutting edge line of red soled shoes. With the latest collection ‘The Nudes,’ the designer has taken the simplest idea to a major creative breakthrough.

In fashion, the term ‘nude’ is usually used to describe a beige colour, from anything such as a nail polish, sweaters or shoes. The coveted ‘nude’ shoe has been hard to find for many women, and this new collection opens the door to how designer perceive the colour ‘nude.’

The new ‘Nudes Collection’ is designed to match a range of skin tones – from the familiar traditional “nude” to a rich dark brown, with five different styles available. The campaign images show off the idea with lots of legs of various races, and an app even matches the shade of your own skin to the shoes for you.This isn’t the first brand to take aim at the ‘nude’ perception, but is definitely the most well known label to break into this area of production and marketing.

christian louboutin nude colored pumpsPhotos: Christian Louboutin stops by Holt Renfrew

Christian Louboutin shares his high-heel inspirations

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