Rihanna In Muslim Controversy

Rihanna Mosque Muslim Dubai

Normally causing controversy for her wild and head-turning fashions, singer Rihanna has now come under fire for a recent photo shoot in Dubai. The ‘Pour It Up’ singer is known for showing a lot of skin in her outfits but during a promotional shoot for the Middle East leg of her concert the singer donned traditional clothing while visiting The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. Her photos have come under scrutiny from religious leaders and online critics. The representatives for the Grand Mosque had this to say about the incident:

“Here, the Centre refers to a recent incident, involving a singer who came for a private visit to the mosque, at a gate that is not reserved for visitors, without prior coordination with the Centre’s management and without identifying herself.

“She was directed by visitor services to proceed to the visitors’ main gate and take the guided tour, according to procedure. She left without entering the mosque, after being asked to do so, due to the fact that she had taken some pictures that do not conform with the conditions and regulations put in place by the Centre’s management to regulate visits in a way that takes the status and sanctity of the mosque into consideration.”

Twitter users were talking about the photos too, with mixed feelings between those who felt offended and those who felt no harm was done through the photo shoot. What do you think of the photos??
Rihanna Muslim ControversyRihanna Muslim Twitter


Rihanna Mosque Muslim DubaiRihanna Mosque Muslim DubaiRihanna Mosque Muslim DubaiRihanna Mosque Muslim DubaiRihanna Mosque Muslim DubaiRihanna Mosque Muslim Dubai

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