Maison Birks and The Hudsons Bay Opening Bridal Jewellery Boutique

Birks Bridal Hudson Bay Toronto

Another exciting announcement for The Hudson’s Bay and their highly anticipated Bridal unveiling next year. Partnering with another Canadian company, the new venture will see a Maison Birks Bridal Boutique open along side designer gowns and a newly renovated retail space.

Maison Birks’ new diamond jewellery boutique, located at the heart of Hudson’s Bay redesigned 7th floor will offer brides, grooms and visitors a delightful assortment of engagement rings, wedding bands and jewellery for that special day, all with a focus on Canadian diamonds.

Maison Birks, one of the first partners to be announced as part of Hudson’s Bay ongoing revitalization of its 7th floor at its Toronto flagship location on Queen Street, will be opening a bridal counter outside of its own doors for the first time in the Company’s history.

Construction of the new 20,000-square-foot Toronto bridal salon is already underway and is planned to open for May 2014. The Maison Birks Bridal Boutique at Hudson’s Bay will reflect Maison Birks’ new store concept as seen at the recently-opened stores, where the traditional jewellery retail store was completely redesigned to offer clients a fresh, engaging and interactive experience.

 Check out the Canadian Diamond bridal selection below. The first picture is a stunning, $36,000 engagement ring from the Birk’s Canadian Diamond Collection. Birk’s unveiled another beautiful and rare diamond in Edmonton worth $1.8 Million dollars!

Toronto Bridal Shop Hudson BayToronto Engagement Rings

Maison Birks, Canada’s premier jeweller since 1879, offers across its stores – and soon at Hudson’s Bay — an extensive selection of diamond engagement rings with center stones comprised of Maison Birks’ certified Canadian diamonds and fashion diamond jewellery under the Birks brand name, with designs conceived at its Montreal head office. Canadian diamonds offer the assurance of ethically-mined stones which can be traced back to their mine of origin as guaranteed by Maison Birks with its Canadian Diamond Guarantee.

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