Dressing From The Bottom with ALDO’s Mr’s B Collection

There is a well known rule in the world of fashion:  a great shoe can `make’ an entire outfit. A beautiful shoe can refresh a drab outfit or stand out as your outfit’s focal point. Women have known this for decades, and they have used it to their advantage for just as long. Now it’s time for the guys to take notice. We’ve styled four different looks using a selection of classic shoes from the Mr. B’s Gentleman’s Boutique for ALDO. Their newest collection features subtle details such as brogue and colour variations. Brogue has been one of the most classical menswear details to see a strong resurgence in recent years and has been featured in several menswear collections. These small details will help give your pair of shoes more versatility and will fit easily with clothing you probably have in your closet right now. Mr_B_Toronto_Is_Fashion_2   Building an outfit around a shoe or boot is easy if you have a timeless style which will actually help with coordinating put-together outfits. Opt for styles that don’t over indulge in current trends, but has modern touches that do not distract from the classic style or shape. Buy footwear made with quality materials to extend the life of your shoe. Check out some of the foot-first fashion looks below. For even more inspiration check out the entire Mr. B’s collection by clicking here.       Pssst. While we’ve been compensated for our time on this project, we’ve been customers of ALDO long before this post. Seriously, check them out.  

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