Tiffany & Co. launches the new Website

Tiffany& Co. announces the re-launch of their official website last October 21st to showcase the jeweler’s rich heritage and legendary collections.

Some of the highlights of the site’s makeover is the use of high resolution photographs and videos to present top of the line jewelry, carefully designed and crafted right on the Tiffany Workshop above the Fifth Avenue Flagship store.

The shopping experience will also be more interactive as potential buyers will be able to select pieces depending on category, designer, price, materials and gemstones. These pieces can also be viewed with a great zoom as well as worn on by models, to further help in visualizing them.

As Tiffany & Co. is famous for their engagement and wedding rings, the engagement ring section has been expanded so that users will be able to choose rings with the specific carat that they want and have it viewed on a model’s hand to check the compatibility with their own skin tone.

Other notable sections on the website include the World of Tiffany which tells of the company’s history, provide romantic testimonials from couple who have bought jewelry from them, newest jewelry designs explained by Tiffany’s own designers as well as the presence of Tiffany stores in red carpet events.

For more insights on Tiffany & Co. head over to and be able to explore world class jewelry.

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