Danier Design Challenge Winners Announced


Winners of the DANIER Design Challenge 2013 has been announced last January 13, 2014 by company CEO Jeffrey Wortsman.

The Canadian design challenge’s fifth year has drawn many talented students to participate in the coveted leather jacket competition while being mentored in every stage of the competition by judges from the industry.

The three winners from this event are:
Chantelle Hastick – first place
Wesley Burness – second place
Hamish Thwaites – third place

The winners were given $5000, $3000 and $2000 respectively with the grand winner also presented a paid summer internship at DANIER.

“Once again, I’m extremely impressed and excited by the level of talent that emerges from the DANIER Design Challenge. In providing this year’s winner, Chantelle Hastick, with a paid internship at DANIER, we hope to nurture her growth as a young designer and provide her with all the tools she needs to be successful in the industry,” says DANIER CEO Jeffrey Wortsman.

Those who would like to see the champion’s design will be glad to know that it will be available in select DANIER stores in Fall 2014.

“It’s exciting and I feel so overwhelmed. It is really nice to see people admire your work. I think it is amazing to have your design produced and sold by Danier Leather. I’m excited to see where this opportunity takes me,” says Hastick.



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