Drake partners with Parisian retailer Colette

Drake O V O clothing fashion line shirtOne of music’s biggest stars, rapper Drake has been working on many projects outside of his music career. Collaborating with designers and international brands, Drake has been leaving his “O.V.O” trademark on clothing across the world. With success of his past fashion endeavors, which included a special collection as global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors and the recently launched Drake x OVO Roots collaboration, the singer is eager to expand his global partnerships.

OVO is teaming up with the Parisian retailer Colette to launch an exclusive 14-piece collection made available beginning February 17th. The collection features the Roots Canada varsity jackets, t-shirts, hoodies and the OVO monogram beanies. Pieces range in price from about $55 -$610, but could possibly re-sell for more. Limited edition shoes given to a fan during Drake’s recent Toronto Raptor’s visit were listed on eBay for $99,000.

For all of Drake’s Parisian fans and travelers: Drake will be paying a special visit to the Colette store on February 24th (213 Rue Saint). For the rest of us who are not as fortunate to see the real thing in-store, the collection is below.

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