New Fitness Craze The Extension Method

Arabesque. Pointe. Plié.

These terms might sound loosely familiar to you at the moment but start a few lessons on the new fitness regimen The Extension Method and they will seem like household terms to you.

Ballet instructor and choreographer Jennifer Nichols has developed this unique workout which intends to develop strength and endurance building for athletes as well as those who just want to get a new fitter body for this new year.

Ballet fitness has been a staple in some of the world’s prominent figures in sports and even music. World Heavyweight Champion Evander Holyfield has noted that he does pliés as part of his fitness regimen while Mick Jagger also cites ballet in helping him with his balance.

Canadian athletes have also sought ballet training from Nichols which have been specifically programmed to help them in their areas of concentration.

Basketball players, ice skaters, hockey and soccer players have seen improvements from the ballet workout. The combination of cardio training as well as advanced coordination development are staple for the regimen but types of workout will of course vary depending on the demands of the individual.



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