Pink Tartan Runway Review

Toronto Is Fashion Week Pink Tartan


What we’ve always loved about Pink Tartan was the skirt.

There is an endless amount of skirts out there. Then there is a Pink Tartan skirt.

Whether it’s a dress or only a skirt, Kimberley Newport-Mimran has an eye for keeping the tone of femininity consistent in her collections while still playing with different over-all looks. They look well thought out, as does her entire collection, but her skirts are a specialty we look forward to seeing each season.

The classic, menswear-inspired grey suit gets cinched and nipped in all the right places, producing a modern suit that’s reminiscent of the 1920’s era. Kimberly also borrowed inspiration from the previous decades, another reason we love the Pink Tartan label. Kimberly can transport through time with her collection by drawing on inspiration from different iconic decades in fashion.

Skirts aside, the collection offered some great jackets in traditional fabrications and beautiful dresses. A head-turner was the ‘sleeping bag’ futuristic look that showed the designers more playful side and was a nod to the 60’s look of designer André Courrèges. Not for everyone’s wardrobe but we did love the fabric it was made out of.

It has been a busy year so far for the Pink Tartan who teamed up with  Keurig to create a mug that was sold to support the Toronto East General Hospital Foundation!

Images:  George Pimentel / Getty Images
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