Try out the new Edge Sensitive Pro Relief Shave Gel and Win!

Winter in Toronto is showing signs of coming to an end. After months of whipping winds and blistering cold weather, our skin may be showing the signs of a long winter as well.

Having dry, itchy and irritated skin is no way to enter into Spring. Nothing can make you cringe more than having to endure a shave (facial or otherwise) and dreading the thought of dry skin irritated by a razor.

We were contacted a few weeks ago to test out the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief shaving gel and included it as part of our daily routine. The formula is great on the skin, specifically due to its colloidal oatmeal ingredient, and acts to moisturize your skin while you shave. We were pleasantly surprised that the foaming gel gave us a close and clean shave and kept our skin hydrated. Since both of us have different types of facial hair (Marc’s is coarse while Richard’s is fine) we were happy to receive the same outcomes.

We like the Edge Sensitive Pro Relief so much; we decided to give 25 readers a chance to take part in a review of the product! We’ve teamed up with Edge to give 25 people a chance to use the product and have their feedback heard. Those who would like to be a part of this unique review just need to fill out the form below! The first 25 who sign-up will be sent the shaving gel to try out for 2 weeks and can email us their review. We will be having a follow-up post with readers review and one of the reviewers will be selected to win a $100 Visa gift card!

Anybody is welcome to sign up, boys and girls welcome! Make sure you enter quickly to be one of the 25 to get the shaving gel and we’ll post some of the feedback in the follow-up post. FYI: contest is open to Canadian residents only and to win the $100 gift card you will have to review the product.

Contest is now closed.

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