Micro – knits by Althea Crome will blow your mind

We came across Althea Crome’s amazing “bug-knitwear” recently and fell in love with her tiny works of art.

Most impressive are the micro-knits which are almost incomprehensibly small to have been actually knitted by hand. Althea has been knitting for years, but took up the art of knitting all things small in 2000. Her talents in this unique niche led her to take a lead role in the 2009 stop-animated film Coraline. Althea created some of the most intricate clothing pieces you see in the movie. By hand.

Working with pin needles, sometimes the size of human hair, Althea uses special wool and threads to create the intricate, tiny clothing. She makes some incredible sweaters that you can see in the pictures below.

Althea also makes gloves. The gloves she makes are 1/12th scale which means that 1 inch =1 foot in the “real” world. That means a finger the size of a grain of rice would be about the right size to fit inside a pair of her gloves. She’s sold them at auctions for $600, with proceeds going to charity. She has sold other intricate items like socks for $750 at auction. These proceeds also went to a charity which will help pay for scholarships to attend the school and for tools and equipment for the classrooms.

Giving back through charity and being inspired in a recurring theme on her website, which you can see by clicking here.


Photos used with permission by Althea Crome.

Drop shadow photos courtesy of Cracked.com

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