The Countdown To a Golf Campaign

Volkswagen Golf sale carEver thought you could buy a car with a per-second discount?

Volkswagen Canada is offering just that with its new Countdown To a Golf campaign.

This new feature allows the customer to set the price of either the All-New 2015 Golf or Golf GTI models. How does it work? Simply go to the official Volkswagen Canada website, watch the price count down every minute and lock in the discount you want as it appears on the meter.

The price of each car goes down by over a cent every second which amounts to $1,000 every day. If someone beats you to the price you want, there’s no need to worry as they will keep adding another brand new car until the promo ends this June 24.

COUNTDOWN TO A GOLF will surely be the ultimate test of patience as it encourages people to hold out until the discount reaches thousands of dollars!

Anyone who would like to participate will also have the chance to monitor the discount meter through their hand-held devices, so glue your eyes on the screen and mark your target discounts through the Volkswagen Canada website at



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