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This new fashion documentary, titled The Next Black, takes a look at the future of technology’s role in sustainable fashion. In the film, you will hear from Suzanne Lee and her team of designers at BioCouture. Biocouture is currently growing new fabric from bacteria using a process more like brewing beer than making any other textiles. The company hopes that eventually clothing could be grown directly on dress forms, creating zero waste.

 Fashion is concerned with what’s happening in the next five minutes,

The film also discusses how technology can play a role in not only how something is made but what we wear and how this can change. We hear from Studio XO, a company pioneering interactive digital fashion, and their vision for a “Tumblr for the body”–a subscription service for clothing that could automatically refresh itself as you wear it. The film also speaks with a designer from Adidas, the athletic company who recently integrated Instagram technology into their design process, who explains that technology in fashion will be more than just wristbands connected to phones.

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