Crazy things made with Swarovski Crystals


Rihanna stunned at the CFDA Awards in a custom made gown that consisted of hundreds and hundreds of Swarovski crystals, applied by hand. The dress was made for the singer by her stylist and was undoubtedly the best look of the night!

We decided to take a look at some other amazing creations made even better with Swarovski.

1) Catchpole & Rye Crystal Bathtub – $228,000

In need of a bathroom renovation? Luxury bath Catchpole and Rye created the “Crystal Bateau,” made from cast metal and thousands of Swarovski crystals. They also created the “Baby Bateau” version which was reportedly given as a gift from Kelly Rowland to Beyonce to celebrate the birth of daughter Blue Ivy. The child sized tub, also adorned in crystals, costs about $182 000.

2) Isis toilet – $75, 000

The ‘Isis’ toilet from Jamal Wright Bath Designs features hand placed Swarovski crystals, using several different sizes and shapes to create the uniformed effect. Now your toilet can really be your throne! Although, the toilet seat looks a little bit cold. Hopefully it’s heated!

3) Gorenje Fridge – $18, 000

Keeping up with the home decor, who could resist this chic refrigerator? Known as the most luxurious fridge in the world, the Gorenje Inox version also includes features like cool flow freezer and auto-defrost to more decadent features like radio receivers, voice messages and alarms.

4) The Giant – Priceless

Located in Wattens, Austria, this giant waterfall is located at the entrance to the Swarovski Kristallwelton. Simply titled ‘The Giant’ this sculpture is made up of thousands of crystals including two large crystals for the eyes. The clear, warm water spewing from the giant’s mouth looks good enough to swim in!

5) Swarovki Installation – Palace of Versailles 

This beautiful creation is the only permanent installation of modern art in the Palace of Versailles. Weighing nearly a half ton, the chandelier consists of 800 giant Swarovski crystals that are illuminated by LED lights.


6) Diane Von Furstenberg – Cost Unknown

From the ground floor up to the penthouse, a central stairway of 3,400 crystal prisms illuminates the world-renowned fashion designer’s New York headquarters. The six-story space conceived by WORK Architecture is home to a flagship store, a showroom/event space, design and administrative offices, an executive suite, and a private penthouse apartment. In close collaboration with WORK’s architects, Swarovski has initiated a new crystal and light concept – the stairdelier. A cross between a stairwell and a chandelier, it is topped by a faceted glass penthouse skylight. Specialised heliostat mirrors are computerised to rotate throughout the day, channelling the maximum amount of sunlight from the skylight down the stairwell. Swarovski’s in-house product development integrated the Swarovski prisms that disperse the light to each floor.

7) Swarovski Staircase & Waterfall – Cost Unknown

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this stunning staircase is a true work of art and is the centrepiece of the Swarovski boutique. Crystals were also incorporated into the staircase for another special lighting effect. Each step is covered with crystal beads, further magnified by plastic prism sheets, and made to sparkle using 5,200 LEDs. The final result was achieved through study and confirmation from mock up tests.

8)  1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II – Price Unknown

Working with tweezers in a mind-numbing labor of love, seven artists spent more than three years gluing one million Swarovski crystals to the body of a 1962 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II to create one of the shiniest and most expensive automobiles on the planet.

9) Mercedes Benz – $ 4.8 million +

If you need something slightly faster than the Rolls Royce, you can always go with this Mercedes-Benz covered in over 300,000 Swarovski crystals. The price tag may set you back a bit of money though. Its rumoured that a very rich Prince located in Dubai owns one of these cars and is known to take it on frequent joy rides. Would hate to be driving next to this car underneath a hot, glimmering sun.



10) The Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal Edition – $ 115,000

The Aurumania Gold Bike Crystal edition is plated almost entirely plated with 24 karat gold… right down to the spokes. The Brooks saddle seat is made with the finest leather; and the hand sewn handlebar grips are made from, chocolate brown leather. The numbered badge is even made of high grade leather. This top of the line bike is called the “Crystal edition” because it is decorated with more than 600 Swarovski crystals… right down to the crystal encrusted Aurmania brand name emblazoned along the crossbar in Braille. The Crystal edition is undoubtedly the world’s most expensive bicycle, and to add to its value is the fact that it is a limited edition item. Only ten will be made, making the Aurmania Gold Crystal Edition an extremely valuable. This unique bicycle can be purchased for a mere  $114,464 and delivered anywhere in the world.


Rihanna had a little fun on Twitter, posting this image shortly after the Awards.




















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