Rihanna’s New AD Ruled too Provocative for the UK

A partial ban has been given to Rihanna’s Rogue fragrance ads in the UK, after complaints of it being “overly sexual and demeaning to women” and “inappropriate for children to see” were filed in court.

The complaint was made when a poster for the perfume ROGUE by Rihanna (shown below) was displayed inside the doors of an elevator in a shopping centre. The poster had the pop star sitting on the floor with her raised legs raised against a bottle of the perfume.

Rihanna’s fragrance partner, Parlux Ltd has given a response claiming that Rihanna’s pose was ‘depicted as being in a position of power’ and should not be seen as offensive, suggestive or improper.

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has found the ad unlikely to be demeaning to women however it has now been given a placement restriction to decrease the chances of children seeing it.

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