Are you getting married? Say Yes To The Dress Canada Is Looking For You!

Say Yes To The Dress Canada Casting Application

Yes that’s right! Say Yes To The Dress Canada is casting for future brides who are looking for that perfect dress!

Corus Entertainment announced that a Canadian version of TLC’s hit series Say Yes to the Dress is coming to W Network, and will be launching this winter 2015.

The show was rumored to be coming to Canada when the opening of Kleinfeld Bridal was announced at the Bay’s Queen Street location last spring. It looks like the show will not be filming at the newly opened Kleinfeld Bridal store but will be filmed at one of Canada’s leading bridal destinations, Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique in Toronto this August

“It’s unbelievable and beyond words to be part of this fantastic franchise. It’s an honour to have been selected as the boutique for Say Yes to the Dress Canada,” said Sam Pollari, owner, Amanda-Lina’s Sposa Boutique.

Although filming will take place in Toronto, the casting directors are looking for brides from across the country. You can apply to be on the show by clicking here

UPDATE: The Say Yes To The Dress casting has moved to the W Network site and when they are looking for new applicants you will be able to find the application here –


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  1. My daughter, Chelsea, who was raised on a farm in Alberta, Canada and is currently living in Sao Paolo, Brazil, will be celebrating her marriage to her Brazilian husband, Eduardo in Brazil in 2016.
    We have watched ‘Say Yes to the Dress Canada’ together and it would be amazing to share the experience of choosing her wedding dress at your amazing bridal boutique!
    My daughter and I are very close, and having her live so far away (in Brazil) has been a challenge, but love knows no boundaries. To have this outstanding experience for her bridal gown selection would be a highlight in her journey, I know!
    Thank you for your consideration!
    Linda Backs

  2. I will marry the man of my dreams on Aug, 13, 2016. He is from Sao Paolo, Brasil and moved to Canada to be with me, leaving his family and friends behind. We both started our amazing journey together 11 years ago employed on a cruise ship called Carnival Cruise Lines. (the love boat?) It would bring me nothing but joy to be able to share my love story to the world and find the perfect wedding gown at your beautiful boutique. Watching Say Yes to the Dress Canada, has inspired me that there is hope in finding he perfect gown to what will be the best day ever lived. I’m excited to hear from you in hopes of bringing my mom and 3 sisters who are my best fiends and will help me make this important decision.

  3. My daughter has just got engaged have not set a date as yet but I would like to apply for a spot on your show. She is very deserving of this’ extremely hard working teacher and works part time as a train or for a local gym. Does a lot of volenteer work is a “Big Sister”, her fiance is a fireman here in Hamilton ON.

  4. Hey I am getting married to the most amazing man ever in 2017 I have a big family and I am stress out about going dress shopping 🙂 I honestly don’t know what kind of style I want I want to try on to get a sense of what looks good on me and I haven’t tried on a dress yet I think I would be a great experience to be on the show

  5. I’d love to apply for my daughter to go on your show.
    She s getting married in May 2017 and looking for that special perfect dress! No luck so far!
    How can I apply for her?

  6. Hello,

    My dream wedding is a destination wedding to Jamaica.

    My little brother “Kurtis who was 17 years old” passed away on August 1, 2015.

    Since his passing I was engaged on February 15,2016. All I ever wanted was to have my little brother in my wedding. He was a groomsman for both of my oldest sisters wedding. I couldn’t vision myself having the same wedding as them. My parents have never been able to travel and therefore to shake things up after the passing of my brother passing my fiancé and I wanted to add a little bit of sunshine and happiness in their lives. It would be an amazing experience to be chosen as a candidate for your show. Purchasing the right dress is very important for me. I am looking to purchase two dresses, max budget is $10,000 dollars.

    Yours truly,

    Ashley Hubert

  7. My daughter and I have watched your show many times and love the sincere and meaningful episodes when the bride to be “says yes to the dress”! We have an amazing mother/daughter bond, we also have a lot of fun. When my daughter was searching for her grad dress 8 years ago, she started out her search in Edmonton, our home city. However after her entourage of best friends shopped every store and many weeks turned into months of endless shopping no dress was “the one”! We still giggle about this to this day. We finally found “the one” when I desperately asked my coworkers if they new any other dress shops we had not been to, as the graduation was fast approaching. We found a designer shop with one of a kind dresses and although they were over our budget, my daughter happily paid the difference. I said at that time when my daughter gets married it was going to be much harder to find the perfect dress “the one”…Well Aptil 01, 2016 my daughter and her soul mate of 8 years became engaged. With a beautiful designer ring on her finger they have told me that the wedding will be the summer of 2018. A thankfully long engagement…please HELP my daughter be invited to “Say Yes to the Dress Canada” it would be an adventure that your show viewers will rave about!!

  8. Help me please!!! My name is Julie and I am 39 years old ,125 lbs and 5 feet short. We are getting married down south in April 2017. I am looking for a dress that matches my bubbly personality. I want the dress to be sexy and fun. Possibly a short dress above the knees that still feels like a wedding dress or short dress in the front and long in the back. It needs to be comfortable for the warm weather. I intend to travel the world with my dress and put it on in every country and recreate our special moment till we are 80 years old. From the beaches of Jamaica to Italy in May. This dress will be worn again and again and again. It must be perfect!! I hope you can help me.

  9. Hi,

    I am a recently engaged to the most amazing man and we have set a wedding date for Aug 2017, we are doing our complete wedding on boat in Down Town Toronto. I just want to share a funny with you!! The other night I woke up in a panic…it was too funny….I had a dream (or should I say nightmare) that we were on our way to the boat to get married and completely forgot all about getting a wedding dress…can you image :-)getting married and getting so caught up on all the planning and forgetting about getting your very own wedding dress…LOL anyways….I love posting on Facebook and when I posted about this a friend of mine (who was on your show recently) commented that I should find an application for “Say Yes to The Dress Canada”…I am not finding one but thought I would share my story anyways.

    Do you happen to know if they will be having applications before my wedding in Aug 2017 for Say Yes to the Dress Canada?

  10. I don’t see anywhere even in the link. Me and my husband were involved in a serious car accident being crushed between a SUV and a bus. Though I am no longer a nurse anymore I am grateful to be alive and so we are are renewing our vows. I still have not found my dress and no link either.

  11. HI there i am just wondering if you are taking any more bride’s to be to be on your show I am getting next year september 30,2017 still haven’t found my dress yet

  12. My sister is getting married July 2017, we live in the middle of the Central Coast BC , on Swindle Island. It would fabulous if you considered my sister ?

  13. I will be getting married to the love of my life may 27 2017. We have been together for 7 years have 2 wonderful children. I had a dress but lost weight and its to big and not what I want anymore. I would love to be on this show with my mother and father helping me look for the perfect dress for the perfect day. How can I apply to be on the show?

  14. Hello 🙂

    My name is Michelle Ducharme and I am the sister of Laurena Leigh. I live in Winnipeg, MB. I am writing on behalf of my sister and her high school sweetheart!!

    My sister just turned 31 and recently got engaged to her high school sweetheart! They are completely elated and cannot wait to wed!! She has stated “to the man of my dreams”.

    To make a long story short, they dated in high school, went their own separate ways and found each other again later in life to only recognize the fact, their love was inevitable. He is her dream come true and cannot wait to spend the rest of her life with him! He…has been waiting for this moment since grade school. Yes, of course you are probably thinking, ok, here we go again with the same love story.

    Let me be the one to tell you, this story is not like others. David has lost not one but TWO male figures in his life he called dad and respected with all of his heart! He then suffered a car accident on the way to his best friends concert in Lac Du Bonnet to become the lone survivor. His positive vibe and drive to embrace life with welcoming arms captures others attention to want to strive to do more for themselves and others. Now,…I realize the focus is usually on the bride. Although, I feel that David needs to be recognized, as well as my sister, for the love they exude, not only with each other, but with others as well! She has no idea, although I do feel like, being her only sister, am willing to front a large portion, if not the entire bill. She deserves to wear her dream dress to the man who means so much to her and others! Please consider my beautiful sister and her gorgeous fiancé to be a part of your journey!

    Michelle Ducharme

  15. My daughter, Jill is beautiful and needs a dress for her wedding. We live in Edmonton Alberta. We have an interesting family. Her brother is gay and her fiancé is 41. She is 28 years old. Wes, her fiancé has a 12 year old daughter who is amazing. Jill’s dads family are hilarious and very diverse! Her moms family are straight laced and boring. Could be lots of drama here.

  16. Just wondering if you’re taking names for upcoming show’s? My daughter is looking to get married in two years time!!

  17. Hello,
    My daughter is a reporter for Corus Entertainment for Global News Okanogan. She just got engaged to the love of her life and has booked her wedding for Aug. 17th, 2019 in Osoyoos B.C. She would be an amazing candidate for your show because she a vibrant, talented, vivacious young lady. Check out her twitter account at Shelby_Thom! Her future husband is a young, handsome financial planner and we, her family, are a crazy bunch of proud Canadians! Please consider Shelby for your show. We are avid, loyal viewers of “Say Yes to the Dress” and love your show!
    Thank you,
    Astrid Thom (mother of the bride)

  18. I’m gettimg married June 20 of 2020 and have no idea what type of dress I want and need some serious help! I’d love the opportunity to be on the show! I love watching this show everyday it truly gjves me great ideas 🙂

  19. My daughter Amanda Soper is getting married at a castle in Ireland on August 19/2019….we want to look for her dress this summer…..are you looking for brides

  20. Hello my name is Cathy Pixton and I have been with my guy for one year already and he told me he wants to marry me and I said yes. It’s that with me I so wish I could find the dress of my dreams. It’s not only that I have losted my older brother Alvin from a bad car accident on December 22 2002. It’s that I thought I would never find my dream guy here but I did. But I know all the wedding dresses are a lot of money. I have dreamed and hope and wished and prayed a lot on getting married in my life. But it’s that me and my family are not that rich in our lives here. I am so sorry for saying that but I have always on picture my dream wedding dress by watching a lot of tv wedding shows that are so amazing and touching and that makes me cry too. I sure hope to hear from someone soon from Cathy Pixton 10809 Cheryl Rd Lake Country B.C. V4V 1W7

  21. Shelby and Jesse, high school sweet hearts are getting married this May. Shelby is looking for a beautiful dress and thinks the show would help a lot with options.

  22. I AM FINALLY GETTING MARRIED!!! YIPPEE!!! I have waiting 54 years for this monumental occasion to come to me and it is finally time. I just got engages August 25th (two days ago) and I am over the moon excited. I would love to share my experience and memorize it forever by being on your show. PICK ME ?!


  23. my daughter just got engaged to her boyfriend of 7yrs while we were all on a family vacation in Portugal, my husbands home town… youngest daughter happened to be with them in the early morning, Joe the boyfriend says Claudia take a picture of me and Amanda…not unusual, well what a moment she capture him down on one knee, ring in hand and Amanda in disbelief only because Joe had played this joke on her few times already. the back ground was breath taking…..we were so overjoyed to finally officially welcome Joe to our family…they are planning to marry 2020 and we loved watching the original Say Yes to the Dress and fell in love with Randy….then Canada came out with their show, this was GREAT….all the aunts have always said AMANDA when you get engaged we are going on the show (my daughter is the oldest of all nieces) we are so excited about the whole event and being part of your show would just be the icing on the cake and a event that would be a lifetime of memories not only for myself, the aunts but my daughter….i thank you for reading my comment and hope to be considered for the show…..Tanya

  24. This is my second marriage. My first marriage was wonderful but unfortunately he passed away due to prostate cancer at 37 years old. I was never able to afford a dress and now that I am getting married again to a wonderful man, I would love to be able to have a dress for this marriage has I know this is my forever. I am also over weight and I have a goal of loosing at least 50 lbs for that wedding and I think knowing I would go on the show it would give me more of a push to do it . Please consider me has a guest on your show has it would be a dream come true.. sincerely Chantal Laforest

  25. I’m getting married August 17, 2019. I have not purchased my dress yet. I would love the opportunity to be on the show with my family to pick the perfect dress. I have had many obstacles this year that caused my dress searching to be put on hold. I take care of family and been super busy a making sure everyone is taken care of. I always think of others before myself. I hope that you could give me the chance to shine on my perfect day.
    Thanks for giving me the time.


  26. Hello,

    My daughter is getting married next year. Because her fiancé is French, there will be a wedding in Canada and a second wedding in France. We would like to purchase a unique gown to complement both memorable occasions.

    Being a candidate on the Say yes to the dress Canada would be a dream come true for her because she absolutely loves the show. It would also be an incredible surprise because she is not aware that I am making this request.

    SIncerely yours,

    Johanne Labelle

  27. Yes I’m sending this to ask you for help. My son is getting married to the most wonderful amazing woman. Well I love her like she is my own . But I have just found out I’m very sick and I my only have a short time left so they are getting married so I can be there and her grandmother is very sick too. So I know we may not get a chance to make some great memories together. So I thought since we watch your show all the time it would be a great memory for her to have of me when I’m gone and her grandmother as well. I feel if I can give her this experience it would be my last dying wish to make this small dream come true for her on this special day that they are making my dream come true seeing my son married before I die. They have been throw so much and it would be wonderful they are getting married July 17 2020. There names Marie-eve house and Francesco Michael abate

  28. Hi there and good morning to all of you. My name is Dot and my son will soon be married this coming June 2020. My soon to be daughter in law had a beautiful black and red wedding dress pick out and order it on line to only get her heart broken when the people at the other end cancelled her order on the wedding dress. You don’t know how heart broken she was. Then a friend of hers offered to make her that wedding dress but again another let down you see her friend was diagnose with cancer again she was heart broken. So when I asked her what she will wear she said oh just something off the rack, you should of seen her eyes tear up and her head hung down with disappointment.
    So here I sit at my computer wonder if you can maybe help her and make their dream wedding come true. She has no idea that I am writing you nor does my son but maybe if you can help her put a smile on her face that will last a life time will be the very best gift anyone has ever given her.
    Thanks for reading my email, A soon to be mother in law. Dot

  29. My daughter lost her partner in an arc accident when she was four months pregnant with their first child. Since then she has had to overcome a lot of obstacles! She had a beautiful little girl. She finally started dating someone shes known since she was 10. Christmas Day he asked her to marry him!!!! What should have been one of the happiest moments in her life was destroyed when her deceased partners family publicly trashed her when she announced her engagement. She’s suffered so much and now due to financial issues she has to sell the house they built together! She would be over the moon if she got the chance to be a part of your show. She does know I’m writing to you her name is Yolanda

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