Fashion chain ‘NEXT’ pulls baby product after accusations of offensive drawing

Clothing retailer ‘NEXT’ decided to recall an item from their infant collection due to concerns of a print on the garment that depicts male private parts.

A couple in the U.K. reportedly noticed the offending image after opening a gift of baby sleepwear they were given during a baby shower months earlier. While feeding their child they spotted something along the design of the clothing-line print.

Take a look at the image below. We think it was an innocent mistake, but others are saying the artist may have been having a little fun. What do you think?

baby clothing recall

In a statement, the store said: “We were shocked by the image that ended up on one of our sleepsuits.

“The offending part of the design started life as an upside down jumper with a neck binding and placket with buttons [hanging on the washing line], but unfortunately it has been over simplified by the printer and has unintentionally become something else.

“This is an innocent mistake that had not been picked up in the approval process. As it was inappropriate we made the decision to withdraw this item from sale as soon as it was bought to our attention earlier this year.”

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